You reached Against my Destiny, the fanlisting dedicated to Kouyama Mitsuki, the protagonist of the manga Full Moon wo Sagashite!

    Even after so many years, Full Moon is one of my favourite series and one of the manga I love the most. Mitsuki is my favourite character. She's adorable and determined though she has a very big problem regarding her disease. Her will to live and to go on was something that involved me a lot. She wanted to sing, that was the thing she loved the most and what, maybe, she couldn't do again in the future. Because of her dedication and her friends incitements, she, at the end, finds the way to react and face her destiny. I'm so happy she managed to do what she wanted at the end though with a miracle! I adore Full Moon's songs too. They're deep and have a very special meaning even if sometimes they seems a bit sad or too heavy as importance. I cry everytime I sing them. (;_;)

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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