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Hello! Welcome to"The Firmament if made of Music", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Nishikino Maki , a wonderful character from the series Love Live! School Idol Project, created by Kimino Sakurako and animated by Sunrise!

Maki is my favorite character since always, the one that I love, love, loooove the most!

She's a person full of hidden strength, who always tries her best to make her parents happy and to be admired by the others for her smartness, but her real passions are others.
Since Maki's parents are doctors and they run a hospital, it was decided that Maki would become a doctor in future. So she studies and works hard to reach her goal, but she don't forget to fill her heart too. And she grows up thanks to the music and her passion for the stars.

She's awesome componing music and she loves admiring stars. In which place doesn't matter, what's important for her is looking at the firmament.

Since Maki is a tsundere, she always acts strangely about things she likes, and her embarassing moments are so cute, because she blushes so easily~

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