Name: Maki
Surname: Nishikino
Birthday: April 19th
Gender: Female
Height: 161cm
Sizes: B: 78, W: 56, H: 83
Seiyuu: Pile


Maki is a rich girl who loves study and working hard in order to reach her dream to become a doctor like her parents, who own a hospital.
She's a tsundere, and this is the reason why at the begin she refuses to join the other girls in the School Idol Group, but later she accepts.
The true is that Maki has a really incredible talent for music. She can play piano and she has a beautiful voice, that's the reason why she's the one who learn to Hanayo and Rin the right way to make music.
Also, Maki loves jazz and watching stars. She says that everywhere is ok, the most important thing is that her beloved stars can be seen~

Maki's strong but kind personality is full of cute sides, and she looks so adorable even when she's in embarassing situations.

Her will to make true her dreams and to study hard doing her best are what made her the kind of person that is difficult to make friends, but her love for music is which learns her the meaning of friendship, because starting from the moment she joins the Idol School group, she finds who amusing is sharing moments with someone who loves you, and that shares with you something like a big passion.

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