You reached From the other Side, the fanlisting dedicated to Ayase Eli, one of the main characters of the series Love Live! School Idol Project!

    Eli is a character that I admire a lot because despite what happened in her past, she menaged to go on and become stronger thanks to the help of her friends that now are the most important thing for her~ ♡ I think that friendship is very important and I'm very happy that Eli found that out too, because being lonely and sad, as she was, is way too depressing. I imagine that her attitude and manners are the thing that I desire from a lot of time, but that I think that I will never have because being responsible is not for me even if I try! XD Instead, Eli does everything she can with determination and sweetness, she's really adorable the most of the times and usually acts like a big sister with everyone in μ's! ♥

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