Hello! Welcome to "Face the Sun", the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Oukawa Kohaku , a mysterious and surprising character from the game Ensemble Stars!!, created and developed by the company Happy Elements K.K!

I'm used to play Ensemble Stars! from many years, and the game has recently got a big changement, also, improved so much.

Kohaku is an incredible character, a member of the unit Crazy:B and also of the unit Double Face! He usually is a quiet person, but his pragmatic attitude can't suppress his true, dark nature, that is the one of an assassin that lived to serve the Suou family until the moment he decided to leave his house and family and to live his life in a way that suited him more, joining an agency (the Cosmic Production) and becoming an idol!

Kohaku's life changed from that moment on, and he decided to dedicate all himself to live in the light and never ever in the dark. Bbbbbuuuut... Even after overcoming all the problems that arrived with his unit, Crazy:B, and his unique and absolutely crazy comrades, he ended up being in Double Face, a unit that uses idols also as Executors, so Mikejima Madara and him had no choise than be a team (even if Kohaku didn't want to be a comrade of Madara at the begin) and investigating and also solving problems related to the dark side of the Idol world.

I have to say that I think I fell for him at once, because he's such a fashinating and charmig boy and person, and his way to live and to act makes me totally crazy~ He usually is well-mannered and mature, but he also has a sharp tongue and a violent attitude when it's about the persons he loves. I adore Kohaku and I can't wait to see him more and more, also to play and spend my dias on him, but, please... do not be the next 5* in event or gacha for a while, ok, Kohaku? Devoting oneself to you is sooo devastating, eheheheh~

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