Hello! Welcome to " I'll win, even if it kills me ", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kise Ryota , an amazing and beautiful character from the series Kuroko no Basket (even known as The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, Kuroko no Basuke and Kuroko's Basketball), created and illustrated by the talented Fujimaki Tadatoshi!

Kise is just... WOW!! The character that more than any other touched me from the deep~ I fell in love with him at the first sight, he's the kind of person that can reach what he wants with his mind-blowing strength of will. It's because of this that Kise, who was a person without a real reason to fight, changed himself, deciding to play basketball in order to overcome his limits.
He always was a genius, but only meeting Kuroko and Aomine he unserstood the real meaning of the words "happiness" and "giving the best of himself"~

With the development of the series he shows a big desire to win against himself before than an opponent, and admiring a somthing is for him as "becoming like it". His unlimited will to do his best is my favorite side of him, because he's ready to give all himself to obtain a personal satisfaction.


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Update of June 18th, 2012: It's Kise's birthday!! Yay, we need to celebrate it, so his fanlisting is getting an anime version!



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