Name: Ryota
Surname: Kise
Age: 16
Height: 189cm
Weight: 70kg
Ability: Copy-cat
Previous Team: Teiko
Team: Kaijo
Seiyuu: Kimura Ryohei


Kise is a character that makes his first apparition since the third chapter, and looking at him there, we can see a person very different than the real one he is.

He's funny and gentle with everyone, a boy that always has a smile on his face and that treats with teammates, comrades and enemies like friends.
A side of him that I love a lot is that he never felt bad feelings about his rivals and people stronger than him, he fells like it only thinking of himslef.
It's because Kise always admire people that have great abilities, and with just an eye, he can copy perfectly what he wants, becoming a perfect copy of the person he decided to be.
But, if that person is so strong that his abilities can't be copied, Kise gives all himself to surpass his limits and the person he admires. He doesn't care about his healt or his resistence, he overcomes all human limits to be in peace with him. And that's obviously, it's because he doesn't want to have any regrets in future.

I love even that side of him, but there are times that he overdoes and he risks his life.

By the way, he has a delicious personality and I adore his behaviour with everybody, he's adorable with his fans and everytime he receives a gift, he always thank them with kind words~

Since he's a beautiful boy, he works as model too, but Basketball always remains his passion and his only reason to fight. So, when he lose the match against Kuroko and the one against Aomine, he understands that he needs to use all his time to become a better basketball player, that's the most important thing in his life.

About those matchs... Kise is so natural. A person that cries if he's sad and that smiles if he's happy. He can't hate a single person and all his life is so luminous, just like him.
There's a chapter in shich Kuroko says to Kise that "he's the light that must surpass the opponents", and I think he's right, because all the sides of Kise's personality make him like the sun. Also, he has blone hair and golden eyes, yellow is the perfect color for him, it suits well on him~

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