Name: Shoyo
Surname: Hinata
Birthday: June 21
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 162.8 cm
Number: 10
Middle Blocker
Seiyuu: Murase Ayumu







Hinata was watching a match of Kurasuno High seeing the Small Giant. After seeing the match of Karasuno High, he wanted to join the volleyball club, however, his teacher tells Hinata that he is the only member and that the number of members has been decreased by years and that the "boys" volleyball club isn't anymore a "club" but a "appreciation group". His teacher gave him a offer if he wanted to play with the girls, which Hinata accepted it. Hinata was practicing at the corner of the gymnasium, off to one side of the sports ground, or in the hallways. Later on, his classmates tells him that they've heard that Hinata is in the girl's volleyball club. Hinata responds to them saying that he is in a boy's volleyball club. Hinata was keep practicing alone, which he ask a lot of people to join him. At the third year of Junior High School, three first years are about to join the volleyball club, which he only needed two more people to form a team.



Informations Source: WikiA

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