Name: Tobio
Surname: Kageyama
Birthday: December 22
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 180.6 cm
Number: 9
Seiyuu: Ishikawa Kaito







In junior high school, Kageyama was often referred to as "King of the Court", notorious for his arrogant demeanor and his inability to cooperate with teammates, instead opting to order them around. Kageyama's junior high volleyball team, Kitagawa Daiichi, played against Hinata's team, Yukigaoka Junior High School. Kitagawa Daiichi won both sets (25 - 5, 25 - 8).

Kageyama has bad experiences of his time in Kitagawa Daiichi. His self-centered attitude and his desire to win did not sit well with his teammates and in the end, they turned on him. In the middle of a game, they did not bother trying to hit one of his tosses, sending the message that they no longer wanted anything to do with him. Without a supportive team, Kageyama was pulled out of the match and ended his final game at Kitagawa Daiichi in shame.

In the present day, he still gets extremely angry when he is called by his nickname "King of the Court", but has changed dramatically, terrified that his new team will turn their backs on him again.



Informations Source: WikiA

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