About Johan

Name: Johan (Jesse)
Surname: Andersen (Anderson)
Age: 18
Birthplce: North Europe
Seiyuu: Kanako Irie
Favorite Cards: Rainbow Dragon, Ruby Carbuncle
Deck: Jam Beasts
Game Tactic: Offensive
Most Important Things: his Jem Beasts, that he considers like his family. His friends.

Johan is a cheerful and strong duelist that Judai meets in the tird season of the series.
He considers his monsters like his family and he always suels respecting them and their existences.
He's very loyal and proud, always ready to help who is in difficult and who needs a hand. His role changes bit a bit with the development of the series, and in the last season he finds the way to make free his heart from the darkness that previously left Yubel to control his body and his mind.

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