About Shu


Name: Shu
Surname: Ouma
Seiyuu: Kaji Yuki
Occupation: Student
She likes: Inori


The 17-year old protagonist of Guilty Crown. A socially awkward person, Shu is a second year high school student and a member of the school's modern image and video research club. His mother, Haruka, works for Sephirah Genomics, while his late father, Kurosu, an expert on the Apocalypse Virus, died during the "Lost Christmas" incident. Shu's involvement in the series begins when he meets Inori Yuzuriha. After Inori is arrested by the GHQ Anti Bodies, Shu decides to make amends for not helping her earlier by delivering an item called "Void Genome" she was transporting to the leader of Funeral Parlor, Gai Tsutsugami. However upon arrival, a battle between the GHQ and Funeral Parlor has begun, forcing Shu to escape while protecting the Void Genome. It is then when he rescues Inori and protects her from a GHQ Endlave that the "Void Genome" fuses onto his right arm, granting him the "power of kings". After that incident, Gai offers Shu to join Funeral Parlor, but Shu turns down the offer, refusing to join the organization until his classmate, Yahiro Samukawa, betrays him to the GHQ, forcing him to turn to Funeral Parlor for help.

Despite joining them, Shu stay with Funeral Parlor due to Inori, who he has feelings for but resents Gai, who he at first believe was Inori's lover, due to the fact Gai used his feelings for Inori to make him join Funeral Parlor and Gai is everything that he is not; smart, popular and well respected. But upon seeing the real Gai; a man conflicted to play a ruthless tactical genius and leader, Shu gains a new respect for Gai and trust his new friends in Funeral Parlor particularly Ayase. :After getting his name clear from the GHQ, Shu returns to school with a more open, sociable attitude much to his friends' notice. At the same time, Inori begins living with him and their feelings for each other grow as he starts getting flashback of forgotten memories. While still attending school, he continues helping Funeral Parlor in their missions. But his new attitude doesn't last long after Shu fails to save Yahiro's brother Jun as he was forced to kill him to save Yahiro's life. Traumatized on what he has done, Shu refuses to join Gai in an important mission to retrieve the meteorite where the Apocalypse Virus originated before it is transported out of Japan.

When his friend Hare slaps some sense into him and learns the Anti Bodies have launched a coup d'état against the GHQ upper echelons by starting a second Apocalypse outbreak in Tokyo, stole the meteorite and decimate Funeral Parlor, Shu breaks out of his self-pity and decides to rescue Inori and his Funeral Parlor allies. With the help of his friends from school, Shu goes to rescue Inori and Gai from the GHQ and Anti Bodies and faces the leader of the Anti Bodies, Shuichiro Keido.

Encountering Yuu, a boy working with Shuichiro who also possess the "power of kings", Shu finally remembers his forgotten memories. It is revealed Gai was Shu's childhood friend, nicknamed Triton whom his older sister Mana rescued ten years ago. Gai looked up to Shu as he was a brave boy back then. Unknown to Shu or Gai, his sister was the first person to be infected by the Apocalypse Virus, which slowly drives her insane, even causing her to develop feelings for her brother. Gai, who knew the truth, tried to reveal this to Shu on the Christmas Eve of 2029. However, Mana found out about it and tricked Gai into shooting himself. Shu then stumbles upon the scene and is asked by Mana to marry her so that they 'can start a new race together.' Shu, disturbed and shocked, rejects her offer, calling her a 'monster.' Hurt at his remark Mana went berserk, causing the virus to take over her body and spread it all over Tokyo, thus beginning the "Lost Christmas" incident. Traumatized, Shu repressed these memories. With his memories regained, Shu rescues Inori from Shuichiro's clutches in his plans to transplant Mana's soul into her body so he and Mana will spread the outbreak worldwide and start a new race. However, he is forced to kill Gai so that his weapon could break the pod containing his sister's soul, freeing her and ending the outbreak.

After the outbreak, Shu, Inori and their Funeral Parlor friends Ayase and Tsugumi stays at Tennouzu High after the school is converted into a refugee center. However, the area their school is located is barricaded and lock downed by the Anti Bodies who proceed to exterminate the civilians inside. Due to uncertainty and despair, Shu replaces Arisa Kuhouin as the student council president after regaining control of a chaotic school assembly. After becoming student council president, he rules the school with dignity and respect and refuses Yahiro's suggestion to implement a Void-ranking system which determines how much vaccine and care someone receives, believing that it will lead to discrimination between the students. But when Hare is killed during an attempt by Souta to find vaccines from a nearby hospital, Shu becomes maddened with grief and implements the ranking system

Shu possesses the "Void Genome", a power to extract "Voids", genetic physical objects of the personality of a person. After regaining his lost memories, his powers evolved, allowing him to extract Voids from people while they still retain their consciousness.



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