About Inori


Name: Inori
Surname: Yuzuriha
Seiyuu: Kayano Ai
Singing Voice: Chelly
Occupation: Student/Vocalist of the group Egoist
She likes: Onigiri


Inori is a silent girl, who prefers spending her time singing her words for the world in her songs. She speaks rarely, but when she does it, she always says something important, that comes from the bottom of her heart (even when she says just "Shu, I'm hungry")~
Inori 's cute, but not that kind like she could seems to be. She's sincere, and even in a difficult situation, she prefers to say what she thinks, knowing that her hard words could be like a sowrd in the heart for her interlocutor.

Definitely, she's not the kind of person that likes to play up to the others, she's simply a realist, even if a lot of times she seems to live in another, proper world.
She sings as vocalist from a group called Egoist, and the meaning of her songs can explain better than everything else what's in Inori's heart.

"This is a world full of sadness and pain, but believening in yourself, you can change it", this is the most important thing that she always sings, and says. "Why people need to hurt the other one to go on?", "Why can't we understand the other one?", these are questions that really let us consider how stupid is living a life giving too much relevance to superficial things that are not important like persons.

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