Hello! Welcome to "I'll always be by your side", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relation between Ouma Shu & Yuzuriha Inori , the heroes from the series Guilty Crown, created by Production I.G.!

Inori and Shu are beautiful together~
Their meeting totally changes their life and the bond that they make is unbreakable. Guilty Crown is a series that has a real, important development only from episode nine, but the meeting between Inori and Shu is the begin, they're not just comrades or lover, but more~
They share happiness and pain, and they support each other with a strong will to protect the beloved one. Inori and Shu are always ready to go on togheter and never alone. When I think about them, I always see two hands in one, and I love this particular image from the opening theme, that truly describes how "two become one"~

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