Hi! Welcome to "A Reason to Fight", the official TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Elie (Resha Valentine) and Haru Glory, from the fabulous manga and anime Groove Adventure Rave (also known as Rave Master in America and other countries), created and illustrated by the great Mashima Hiro!!

Haru and Elie are absolutely one of my favorite couples.
They're the heroes of the story and live a great, long and intense adventure that makes them fall in love together, and looking at them, we can see the real meaning of love: trust and respect of each other in every situation, even when you want to risk your life in order to save your beloved one.
Haru and Elie's ending is one of the sweetest I've ever saw, a beautiful happy ending with their marriage!!
Rave is a shounen manga but the feelings of the characters are very intense and nothing is forgotten or made accydentally, all is part of a splendid destiny! And also, they have a cute son!!! I think that one similar couple is very rare and I'm very proud to own their fanlisting, it's a sort of monument for them. This is one of the reason why I coloured a lot of the images I used for the graphics.

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