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• You reached Broken Freedom, the fanlisting dedicated to Gérard Fernandes , one of the characters of the series Fairy Tail by Mashima Hiro!

• I thought I'd spend more time to make a good layout for him, and instead of this, I have to say that two days were enough! *_* I enjoyed very much while colouring the images I used for the footer and the header!♥ I had to do it since I read the 10th volume of Fairy Tail and fell in love with himI'm not going to include spoilers in the main page but asdfghjkl for the latest chapters and his personality! :D

• Feel free to look around and if you want to spread love for him, don't forget to join the fanlisting!♥



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December 27, 2010: The fanlisting reached 25 members! *--* Thank you for your support~
August 31, 2009:
The fanlisting is up! :)


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