Dlanor is part of the Eiserne Jungfrau, and Head Inquisitor of Heresy. We can ofter see her with her two subordinates Cornelia and Gertrude.

    She has a very big sense of duty, and usually she makes the possible to face a real clash before deciding how to proceed with her investigations, even if she usually trust the ones that are taken to her.

    We can see it especially during the Episodes 5 and 6, where she's Erika's furniture, but still, she acts like she wants, but tries to go in her way. Especially with Battler that she considers a very good opponent, she concludes a strange friendship that is very particular. Even if at the begin of the story she seems a machine, she will reveal soon her real personality.

    In fact, instead the fact that she's always silent and serious, she is a very talkative person when she's with persons she likes, and, above all, she's sincere and loyal. Even if Erika was not exactly the kind of person that she likes (she says that she pisses her off to Battler XD), she makes the possible to help her even when it is about her private life. Dlanor is a very polite person and she usually never lose her temper, if not during a fight. She will be very kind especially with Battler and Beatrice, because she will try to help them at the end of Dawn of the Golden Witch, trying to allow Battler to find a different truth and to fight with her. Anyway, she will do her best in order to defend Erika and to win against them.

    To fight, she uses a very long red sword (the sword of the red truth), and in this case, she tries to deny the Illsuion of the Witch, as ordered by Bernkastel and Erika. To make this, she uses the ten rules made by her father, that she esteems a lot.

    In the Golden Land, we see that she already knows Virgilia and that they fight many times because of intellectual matters. Dlanor says also that she likes very much the tea that Virgilia makes and that is the most tasteful she knows.

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