Name: Osamu
Surname: Dazai
Power: Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human)
Age: 22
Birthday: June 19th
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Suicide, Sake, Crabs, Ajinomoto, MSGs
Dislikes: Dogs, Nakahara Chuya
Occupation: Detective
Former Occupation: Port Mafia Executive
Voice Actor: Miyano Mamoru



...Also, this section is made of my personal thoughts about him.

Dazai Osamu is an important member of the Detective Agency property of Fukuzawa Yukichi, and he is deeply trusted by him.
Before entering the Agency, Dazai was an executive of the Port Mafia, the youngest and strongest one they ever had. Even if for a young age man, he took a high place and covered difficult missions. During that period of his life, Dazai was completly different. Someone that, lost in darkness, tried to give some meaning to his life in a wrong way. And the only word and thing that always took with him was death. Death was the reason that made Dazai going on until the moment he realized that that thing was not a reason to live, but the ultimate place to find the end of an existence made of sadness and hate.

The period of his young age is called Dark Era, and there, he met Odasaku and Ango, the ones that became important to him at the point that even if we was a person with no good ideals or reasons to be happy, he considered and called Odasaku his friend.

What happened to Dazai in the Dark Era is very sad. But it is the reason why, following Odasaku's suggestion as how to live and go on, he found out that he had to leave that death place and aiming for the light instead. So he joined the Detective Agency to help people, and started a new life made of be someone different, that has a reason to live. He met Kunikida there, and also Ranpo-san and everyone else. Them all became his comrades and he finally felt at home.

So the moment to became the salvation for someone as Odasaku was for him came when he met Atsushi. He gave him a reason to live. He tried to be for him what he was not able to be for Akutagawa in his young age, and Atsushi started to consider Dazai as a presence he needed in his life to be sure he is soing well so live on and stop being someone that hates himself and considers himself a useless person.

Dazai treats Atsushi like a father does with his own son, and became his northern light.

But death never leaves his side, and even if with a different point of view, Dazai still tries to suicide, saying he needs to escape life somehow. But, oh well... Even if there is a part of him alonethat desires death, there is a part of him made of all the love he receives that is made of reasons to life, so I am sure that even if he always makes the thing of the suicide as a joke, he deeply wants to live, because Odasaku trusted him and gave him a reason to go on and be comeone guided by the light.

Reguarding this, how really Dazai Osamu is is a Japanese famous author that wrote a lot of beautiful (and mostly sad and cinic) books that are currently the most popular ones in Japan. One of them, his masterpiece, is called Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human), the one from which Dazai's power take name, and also Dazai himself, from thr author.

"Ningen Shikkaku" is the diary of Yozo, a young man grew up in a prestigious family but that neber really received love or self-satisfaction from them. He grew up as a clown that likes to make people laugh and always laugh himself, but his real face is made of infinite masks, that he wears to pretend to be what the others want him to be. He has no reasons to live. No real interests, no love for the other, and especially, no love for himself.
His story is a way to see how time passes but society still is the place where you can find nothing but masks from everyone, and if you think you are part of it, then think that "that mask of yours" is part of the society, because everyone has one.
Society is the reason that made Dazai active in his young age, because even if it started as a joke, he really believed that society was wrong. And talking the others wearing a mask that lets filter a ray of light was what he surprendently did when he was active speaking of politics, even if in a hidden way.

And... The most beautiful thing in this book was that what let him go on until the end, accepting everything and everyone, was only the whole in his heart. He never really lived. He was took away by drugs and negative feelings and never really saw that even him has good sides. There was someone that really loved him from the bottom of her heart but he was not able to see it, because he only hated everything from himself.

"But he was an angel" are the last words of that beautiful and still sad book made of truth that everytime I think of it, really made me cry.

Thinking that we can become what we want is utopy, but trying to do our best is the right thing. So... I hope that manga's Dazai will find a way to say "I don't want to die anymore" one day, even if... eh... I think he already know it. It is that, he still can't believe and realize that he can follows light, being light himself.

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