Hi! Welcome to "Disqualified as a Human Being", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Dazai Osamu , a controversial and fascinating character from the series Bungo Stray Dogs, created by the genial Asagiri Kafka and illustrated by the awesome Harukawa Sango!

I always felt something strange about this person.
I started to read Bungo Stray Dogs some years ago because I was captured by Dazai's presence everywhere on the internet, and then I found something different from what I thought to find. He is a main character with the power to cancel the others' abilities, and this makes him one of the most powerful characters from the series. He is so cool and handsome. But it is not just this. He is a very complicated person that made me desire to know more how to understand him. He is someone that desires to die, and because of this, he tries to suicide very often. But why this? Then I found out that his power, Ningen Shikkaku ("No Longer Human"), that takes name from the most popular book of the famous Japanese author Dazai Osamu, totally describes him. So I read "Ningen Shikkaku" so many times that there are a lot of lines from it that I learned and impressed in my heart. It is a book full of felings about people. Society. Happiness. Hate for ourselves. Death. Life.

I really never read something this beautiful and "real" as Ningen Shikkaku is, and I think that if everyone would read it, everyone would think to be Yozo, the protagonist and the character that inspired manga's Dazai character.

The Dazai Osamu from Bungo Stray Dogs is totally a person that can't even know his good points. He plays the clown, but he acts like a friend and a father sometimes. He has a golden heart but he can't see it. Instead, he thinks of himself as trash, as someone that is not able to find and follow light. I really am so touched and fascnated by him. I love this man with all my heart and I am so grateful to met him, because now I understood better even myself. I always thought of society as a shitty world of people that I hate, but reading this book really made me think even more about who I am into this society and what I want to be. Who I want to be.

Dazai is so precious and everytime he teaches something to Atsushi or Akutagawa, I feel like my heart is warmed up. He really is a person I respect and I am deeply involved in his adventures. I route for him and I can't wait to see what's next every time a new chapter of the manga is out. I hope eveyone one day will get to read Ningen Shikkaku, so everyone one day will find out and you don't need money or a well paied job to be happy, but just to see and follow light doing your best, in a way that can make you think you are glad you are alive.

I want to thank with all my heart the kind Mishiro , that let me adopt this fanlisting in January 2019! It was such a marvelous way to start the new year and I really want to express her how happy and honoured I feel to have the chance to take care of this fanlisting for both of us! Thank you with all my heart, Mishiro!

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