Name: Anzu
Age: 16
Number: IX

Weapon: parasol
First apparition:
Guilt 1
Favourite thing: lipgloss
Beloved ones: Tekirai-sama, Zakuro, Sakura
Hated ones: Akagane, Toneriko


Anzu is the N. IX of Thanatos, an organization of professional killers that carriers out murder requests. The ten best killers are called "Numbers" and they possess a pendant with the number that represents their posistion in the guild.
The N.I is the powerful killer of Thanatos, and reach that position for a certain period means to reach the top of Ygddrasil, the tree of life, that predomines the universe and to realize a desire.

Even if he seems a cute, little girl, Anzu is a boy, that affirms that he's always been a girl in the bottom of his heart. Anzu's desire is to be loved by Tekarai, because he's totally in love with him but he never considerated him, just like anyone else.
He hates Toneriko because he wants to kill Tekirai and because he killed another member of Thanatos that Anzu loved so much, Sakura.
He's totally lunatic. We can see him smiling thinking of Tekirai and acts like a kind girl, and a after a moment, to think about revenge against Akagane and Toneriko, especially in reguards of the first one, that defeated Anzu in some shoots, humbleing him.
Anzu is very proud and his desire n.1 in the present is to get revenge against him. To reach his dreams he's arranged to cooperate with anyone, even if this person would be Toneriko.

He's very cute and he puts all himself in all his action, always thinking of love. He adores to use lipgloss and dressing like a gothic loli, his style is dark but luminous, because he dressess in black but he has two white wings, like and angel.

Anzu is very natural. He smiles and becoming angry without hiding the true himself behind a mask for the circumstances.
He's sincere and he fights with all energy with a special parasol, that is his weapon.
He entrusts all his feelings and doubts to Zakuro, that is like an older sister to him.





Sorry if I wrote some mistakes, but I have just he raws and I'm not japanese, so I'm trying to estract informations from them.




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