Birthday: February 11th
Age: 21
Height: 181cm
Blood type: B
Hair: blonde
Eyes: violet
He loves: working as nyanperona
He hates: battles, Akari-sensei





Yogi is a delicious person. He's funny and creative, he adores children and works as nynperona in order to make them happy.

He's past is mysterious and we can't know much more about him, just that he's a modified human that possess incredible super-powers (he's the second fighter of the 2nd Ship and he menages healing and offensive powers). He's like a child, his face expressions are natural and sweet, he's natural in every moments. But he's a very smart person too, because he can reach many high results even if he uses just a little part of his capacities.
Yogi's personality is very difficult to undersand, because he's schizofrenic and many times he can do unexpected things.
He hates fighting and be part of a battle, he love be in peace with all. there's a lot of things that Yogi loves and they're candies and sweets, also, he likes to sleep! XD Yogi is always half-naked when he's in his bed! Yogi is like a big brother to Nai and maybe for Tsukumo-chan (that surely likes him a looot). One of his most important desires is Gareki's frienship. Since Yogi always thought that Gareki considered him a sort of hated person, he became crazy and in a difficult circumstances he lost the control, revealing another himself, a Yogi with silver hair that don't undesrtand and remember anything, even his friends.
But even if Gareki is a cold type, surely Yogi is a friend to him, and he proves it many times. Yogi's smile is very warm and he can make smile who look at him.
He's always kind with girls and for this reason Tsukumo-chan hits him, maybe she's a bit jelous.
Yogi doesn't like Akari-sensei because he hates hospitals and Akari knows a lot of things of his past. He knows even the reasons why Yogi becomes crazy everytime he doesn't assume a medical patch and lose the control when his mind becomes instable.
He never talks about himself but he likes listen to the others. Yogi's althruism is one of his best side, surely he'll be a good papà, one day.



Informations source: Volume 3 Character Profile
Scan of related informations by: movin
Yogi's GIF from: Mikanagi Touya

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