Hi! Welcome to "Hide & Seek", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Yogi and Gareki, two marvelous characters from the series Karneval, created and illustrated by the talented Mikanagi Touya!

I always loved the relation between these two crazy boys, because all their aspects are totally different ("opposite" is the correct word) but since the first moment they fought as comrades and even if Gareki is asocial and introvert, Yogi stays beside him and takes care of him as his best friend. Gareki had never accepted Yogi's reguards, and many times he's cold and distant with him, but Yogi is a very special person and he got a glimpse into Gareki's heart, so we can be sure that he'll never leave his side!
Day by day Gareki and Yogi know better each other and Gareki understands that Yogi isn't like the others in the Circus. Knowing many aspects of Yogi's "dark side" and worrying about him, Gareki understands that, definitely, they're friends!

Thanks to my friend Akira-chan, that gave me a hand with the title. I think that it explains very well not just Yogi's favourite play, but the troublesome and sweet relation between him and Gareki.

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