Age: 14
Height: 148cm
Likes: Muscle Training
Weakness: Ad-libbing
Birth Place: Dark Continent (Katarg)
Special Skill: Kick

Descendent of the hunting tribe 'Fanalis', a red-haired girl. Her name is based from the slave girl who served Alibaba in 'Alibaba and the forty thieves'.
She was emotionless and unfriendly at first, but as time passed after she was liberated, she became more emotional little by little. She was Jamil's slave before. Although she looks like a normal girl, she can get closer with an enemy far away in an instant. In addition to her strong leg strength which can even enable her to climb vertical walls, she has a keen sense of smell on par with that of a dog's and can smell the stench of death emanating from the bottom of the pit and the smell of someone hiding in unseen places. Although weaker than her leg strength, her arm strength is strong enough to send a human like Alibaba flying.
However, even after Alibaba freed her, she is plagued by the trauma of her childhood in her dreams.
After Alibaba's departure from Qishan, she took the words of her defector, Goltas, to heart, and started a journey to her hometown 'Katarg'. In the middle of her journey towards Balbadd, she helped Leila and Sahsa's caravan to eliminate the thieves at the rock quarry. She reunites with Aladdin after that, and then join Alibaba again in Balbadd.


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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