About her



Name: Shizuri
Surname: Mugino
Level: 5
Nickname: Meltdowner
Team: ITEM
Position: Leader


In order of power, Shizuri is ranked 4 from the Gakuen Toushi's Level 5s.
She has the power to control athoms and to break them as she prefers.
She appears like a quiet and kind girl, but truly she's the total opposite, the kind of person that can't lose to anyone.
Her desire to be the best esper in the city is the same of Kakine Teitoku, this is the reason why these two are enemies since their first apparition.

Shizuri's great power can stop a train, to create (and use) a beam and similar. When she uses her ability, her face changes expression and she becomes cruel and mad. In the 15th novel she has a fight against Hamazura Shiage, a Skill-Out (Level 0), and she loses because she had understimated him.
She turns back in the 19th novel where we can find her like she was introducted, even if the damage that Hamazura caused her were impossible to heal.
She was saved and healed by an unknown organization called Dark Legacy, but her desire to kill Hamazura is always alive in her heart.

She's a person ables to think only about herself and she doesn't care of her comrades. Beacuse of this, she kills Frenda and she tries to kill Rikou, but Hamazura stops her. After two long fights, finally Shizuri understands her mistakes and she starts to change herself, becoming a kinder and stronger person ables to love her friends and to fight together with them.

She has a crush on Hamazura but she alwayes treat him like a stupid level 0 because she can't admit how important he's becoming for her (and he's in love with Rikou, so Shizuri knows very well that she hasn't changes with him).

Shokuhou Misaki
Accelerator & Misaka Mikoto
Accelerator & Kakine Teitoku



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