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Aliases: Usagi "Chibiusa" Tsukino, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, Princess Lady Serenity, Small Lady, The Rabbit, Black Lady
Age: Physically 8+; really 900+ (manga only)
Date of birth: June 30 (cancer)
Affiliations: Sailor Team, Sailor Quartet, Black Moon Clan (as Black Lady)
Abilities: Can distract enemies, attack in tandem with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and call on the powers of others.
Blood type: O


Creator Naoko Takeuchi describes Chibiusa as a precocious brat who likes pulling pranks. She is the daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. Her real name is the same as her mother's, but is called Chibiusa in Japanese (and Rini in English) to avoid confusion between the two. Her name in the English-language version of Sailor Moon, Rini, is a diminutive of "Serena", the name of her mother. She is known for having pink hair put into a unique style that resembles rabbit ears on top of her head. Chibiusa's hair is apparently truly pink, and not just colored that way for stylistic purposes; its color is stated in the manga's first Picture Diary and in the poem about her in the Sailor Stars CD single.

In Act 20 of the manga, it's mentioned that she is 900 years old, her youthful appearance attributed to the fact that she suddenly stopped growing when she was five. The reason for this is never fully understood, but she begins to age after she becomes Sailor Chibi Moon. By the time of the Dream story arc, she claims to be 902. Her exact age was not disclosed in the anime, and her time traveling complicates guessing. The candles on a birthday cake in one memory indicate that she is about five years old when first introduced, and she seems to be about eleven or twelve when she returns later on. Exposure to the Silver Crystal renders all of Crystal Tokyo's inhabitants functionally immortal.

Chibiusa's affections come into conflict because she generally does not immediately identify Usagi and Mamoru as being her parents, although she is aware of the fact. There is evidence that Chibusa has a hard time identifying Usagi and Mamoru as being her parents since she sees such a sharp contrast in personality between their present and future selves. She also reacts differently toward Usagi and Mamoru than she does towards King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity, being more respectful to the latter but more spontaneous to the former;. it is not clear if she prefers one set over the other. However, she always calls her father Mamoru as Mamo-chan (in the 20th century), an affectionate nickname by Usagi, and has an innocent crush on him, much to Usagi's fury.

Chibiusa is usually very upbeat, extroverted and outgoing. Though she started out socially awkward, she quickly became popular with her classmates. In the manga, she once became president of her class. Her initial shyness could be attributed to the fact that she was teased in the 30th-century for not having any Senshi powers. As the manga progresses, she gradually matures, becoming more comfortable with herself and more confident with her Senshi abilities. Because her dream in the manga is to become a beautiful lady, her actions often are based around this. She tries to be a perfectionist and starts off trying to do everything alone and for herself. This view evolves as she realizes what maturity really is and what it really means to be an adult.

In the anime, she is more judgmental and does not mature as much as her manga counterpart. She often picks on Usagi for being so scatterbrained. In the Supers movie she describes Usagi by saying "my mom is a klutz, a ditz, and a crybaby." This is not because she dislikes or hates Usagi, it is because they act more like siblings rather than mother and daughter, and this is often commented upon People they meet, normally the victim of the day, often mistake them for sisters.

Chibiusa's dream is to one day become a real lady, to have her own prince, and to be friends with everyone she knows. Meanwhile, she is a fairly ordinary little girl; she likes pink and red, pudding, pancakes, and rabbits. Her favorite school subject is drawing, while her least favorites are language classes. Her least favorite food is listed in the manga as carrots, just like Usagi, but they both eat them in the anime. Chibiusa hates taking care of the house and is afraid of such things as thunder and lightning, ghosts, vampires, dentists, and needles. She also likes to collect things with rabbits on them, and belongs to the Gardening Committee at school. She is very short when she first appears, but grows slightly taller as she gets older.

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