Hi! Welcome to "Under the RAINBOW", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Teito Klein and Hakuren Oak , two amazing characters from the absolutely awesome series 07-GHOST, created and illustrated by Amemiya Yuki (story) and Ichihara Yukino (draws) !

Teito and Hakuren's relation is very sweet since they changed the other one from the bottom of the heart! Teito didn't trust nobody, he closed his heart to all in order to don't face sadness again, after the loss of Mikage. But Hakuren was able to make him smile and become his friend!

I love the moment in which Teito calls him "comrade"! That one is the first time he can trust someone again, and Hakuren becomes a precious comrade! Teito's only desire is to be able to protect who he loves and when he told Hakuren "now we can be friends!", they definitely become partners! And even if they must follow different ways, they're always near with the heart!
And this is one of the reasons why I chose "Under the Rainbow" as title of the fanlisting).

They're my favourite characters and I decided to dedicate them a shrine. I coloured a lot of images from the manga and I'd be happy if you could have a look around, especially in the proper section!
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