Sora Naegino


Age: 16 (Born prematurely at 7 months old)
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Home: Japan
Affiliation: Kaleido Stage, Freedom Lights (Partially during the second half of the first season)
Family: Mother and Father (Deceased), Midori (Aunt, Adoptive Mother), Sora's Uncle (Uncle, Adoptive Father), Yume (Sister, child of Midori, premature birth at 7 months)
Friends: Ken Robbins, Anna Heart, Mia Guillem, Sarah Dupont, Fool, Rosetta Passel, Layla Hamilton, May Wong, Marion Benigni, Johnathan, Yuri Killian, Leon Oswald, Manami, Sayaki and Miki, Theatrical Camp, Donna, Cathy, Elena, Jean, Clair and Emillio
Partner(s): Anna (For Cinderella and Little Mermaid), Mia (For Cinderella), Pamela (Time with Theatrical Camp), Layla (For Arabian Knights, Freedom and Legendary Great Maneuver), Leon (For Sayuki and Swan Lake), Rosetta (Current partner)
Rivals: May (Former), Layla (Former)
Specialty: Trapeze, trampoline, diabolo (learned from Rosetta), juggling, Aerial Fabric Dancing and in line ice skating
Interesting Fact: Sora (alongside her friend Mia) is one of the only two characters to appear in trailers for the anime in costumes that are never seen in the actual story itself.


Sora comes to America to join the Kaleido Stage, a theatre company located in Cape Mary, California. When Sora was very young, she and her parents came to Kaleido Stage to see their production of Alice In Wonderland, which helped give birth to Sora's dream of becoming a Kaleido Star. Shortly after, both of Sora's parents passed away and she was taken in by her aunt and uncle, who didn't have children of their own. During the rest of her life until she arrived in America, she trained well in hopes of becoming a member of Kaleido Stage. Her aunt and uncle were both hesitant to let her go but Sora manages to convince them otherwise. When she arrives, she becomes lost in the bustling city and stops for directions. There, she meets Kalos Eldos, who she believes is a pervert since he is examining her legs at the moment she asks for directions to the stage. As Sora is disturbed by Kalos' actions, her bag is stolen and she performs amazing feats through the streets to get her bag back.

Shortly after, she is brought to the Police station under the belief that she ran away from home. But after an understanding, one of the officers, Jerry, drives Sora personally to Kaleido Stage wishing her the best of luck in her audition. However, she arrives too late and she asks for a chance to audition. But Sora's idol and Kaleido Stage's top star Layla Hamilton rudely rejects her saying that she should leave since she missed her audition. Outside, Sora feels defeated and plans to go back home. She meets Ken Robbins, one of the stage helpers who takes her on a tour back stage. She accidentally "saves" one of the performers from a balloon falling down on her. The performer is injured and cannot go on. But Kalos returns, to Sora's shock that he is the boss, and sends Sora on stage to replace the performer. On stage, Sora is completely embarrassed and cannot perform straight. But by luck, she manages to make it through and even receives help from Yuri Killian, the other top star and Layla's partner.

After the performance, Layla criticizes her on her lousy performance and tells Sora to leave. But Kalos has other plans for Sora, which Ken makes clear when he tells Sora that Kalos has allowed her to join Kaleido Stage. When she moves into her new dorm room, she meets Fool, the Spirit of the Stage who only the chosen few can see. And thus begins Sora's long and hard road to becoming a Kaleido Star...

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