Hello! Welcome to "Try & Retry", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ishigami Senku , the main character and a real man of culture from the series Dr.Stone, written by Inagaki Riichiro and illustrated by Boichi!

Senku is such an incredible and smart guy that loves science and is using it to have back the world with its technology.

e touched me so much for the kind of person he is, because even if he is a man of science, he has a pure heart and he never judges people. He is easy to find the good on them and their strong points, making normal people able to do incredibile things with the support of science! Also, I love his friendship with Taiju, they are like brothers! And the world that Senku is going to build around him is not made of science only, but of hearts too, because it's trusting people that he obtains the most impressive power for humanity: friendship! There are so many moments of him that makes me think, but I guess my favorite is when he obtained Chrome's trust talking him about the old world. That really was touching. He absolutely is the new leader of the new humanity and I adore how years are passed since he started his mission to bring the world back and more and more people are joining him, creating a whole new world from the old one!


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