Shiemi is the first person that Rin meets thinking that she remembers him himself.
She seems to be quiet and shy, but her desire is becoming stringer in order to protect Rin and Yukio, and obviously, she doesn't want to be useless. The meeting between her and Rin is important for both of them, because Shiemi finally leave the garden of her grand-mother and decide to go to school in order to become an exorcist.
In fact, Shiemi's reason was just to become stronger and to be useful to the others, but day by day she understands that she wants to become something more, she wants to be someone able to help Rin and Yukio.
Rin has a crush on her but in a first time she seems to be more interested in Yukio. After a lot of moments spent with Rin and trying to be more sincere with herself, maybe we can think that now she's in love with him.
Rin uses their mission to the Luna Park to ask her a date, and she accepts, also, she always search for him and it's obvious that she feels something special for Rin.
Shiemi is so grateful to Rin because is thanks to him if she found the peace with her mother, saying that she loves her. And even if in a first moment she felt feared by his demon nature, after izumo's words she understands that Rin is a good guy and she wants to be his friend and a support for him with all the heart.


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