Hi! Welcome to "One day I'll love someone with all my heart", the TAFL approved fanlisting and a shrine dedicated to Rose Amanelle Ouka Barsburg (or simply, Ouka ) , the sweet, absolutely adorable and funny princess of Barsburg from the manga and anime 07-GHOST, created and illustrated by the great Amemiya Yuki (story) and Ichihara Yukino (draws) !

Ouka is my favourite female character and I adore her since her first apparition.
She's a princess but she dislikes the life of the castle and she runs away from it in order to be free from her father's orders, who wants to constrinct her to have a fiance!
She's the owner of Rapahel's Eye and has a very great power, but she isn't arrogant or superbe, just a simply girl.
During the childhood, Teito and her shared a meeting, but now they don't remember nothing about it, just a strange feeling.
Also, Ouka has a cute little female dragon called Kururu, that is like a sister to her because they're together since Ouka's born.

Ouka's goal is to be a doctor, she works very hard to reach it! And the most important thing is that she wants to be free to love who she desires. This is the reason why I chose "One day I'll love someone with all my heart" as title, because her words describe very well the type of person that she is and how strong is her determination to help the weak ones.

Unluckily there are not many color images of her and I coloured all the ones I used for the graphics.

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