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❤ ~ LAYOUTS ~ ❤

- From March 16 2008 to June 02, 2008

    This is the first version of Wonderland.
    I remember I was really happy to do it, because I finished to clear the image of C.C. and Lelouch. I did it with all my love and I could spread it as I wanted (even if now I find many mistakes...)! And among all... it was my first version! ;_;♥ It will always be in my heart (and maybe is better of the one of today LOL XD).
    It was not too much time since I learned how to make a rollover image, and I used it on the right with C.C. . I love this effect (and if you watch my fanlistings is clear xD)!♥


- From June 02, 2008 to September 15, 2008

    Second version for Wonderland! When I found the scans of these posters, I thought to put C.C. and Lelouch together, and that is the final result! I tried to make it more romantic than possible, I liked that version very much, it lasted 3 months (as the first one) I thought it lasted more! T___T There's not the image I put in the footer, but was an image of Newtype I love very much, with C.C. comforting Lelouch. I love very much this couple, I hope to make soon a new layout! XD


- From December 16, 2008 to June 11, 2009

    Third version of my collective... I made three versions in just a year, wow! XD The image with Lelouch and C.C. was too romantic, so I decided to clean it and to use it! *--* The choose of the colours was not that difficult, I thought that that tonality was perfect for that image! So with flowers and hearts I made a deal!♥
    This was my favourite among all the layout I made for this collective, I was unsure to take it off, but at the end, I like the new one too! *--*


- From June 12, 2009 to September 11, 2011

    Just now, I'm realizing that I left this layout for more than two years! XD I really like it a lot still today, but I needed to change many things inside the collective, so... I needed to change the style too! I thought that I couldn't make something better than this, and I think it in this moment too! I liked a lot the dropdown menu and the position of the latests. ❤ More than them, the pairing, obviously~ Red has been a colour that I used a lot in order to make something warm like a home.





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