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❤ ~ WELCOME!!! ~ ❤

    This is Wonderland, Miriallia's fanlisting collective~!

    After an infinite amount of time, I finally menaged to make a new layout for my collective! ❤ This time I couldn't find something suitable about Lelouch and C.C., what a pity, ne? XD But I love deeply Victorique, and so I decided to make this new layout with her! ❤ I like it a lot, and I love the colours I used too! *--* In comparison to the old collective (and the other ones) this is less "warm", but I think that's sweeter. >_< I hope to keep this layout for a long time too, because I really like it! And I had so many problems when I tried to made it, so I think that every effort I made should be rewarded (?) in some ways! XDD I really hope I'll continue to love fanlistings and my sites as I do it now, this world really let people express themselves. ❤

    I don't have other things to add, so please, enjoy yourself surfing these pages and let me know if you have something to ask~!!

~ ❤ Miriallia

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤



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My fanlisting *--* Thanks a lot, Akira-chan<33

WONDERLAND ❤ Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective ❤

~ ❤ NEWS ❤ ~

  ~ More and more~

Hello! :D

I know I'm not around this place from some months, but I was totally concentrated in other things. Though I still continued to focus my attention on fanlistings, layouts and such! As you can see, I inserted a lot of new fanlistings here and there! ^o^

I hope to see soon a new update~! Bye!

Posted on 2013 Oct 27 by Miriallia
in Araragi Tsukihi, Kurosawa Yamato & Tachibana Mei, Celestia Ludenberg, Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho, Sashinami Shoko, Nanami Chiaki, Komaeda Nagito, Danganronpa, Enoshima Junko, Maizono Sayaka
  ~ New fanlistings and splash :D

Hi there! ^o^

Finally I can update saying that the new splash is reeeeeady! *w* It was a long time I wanted to use this image, in fact I already cleaned it some time ago~ Today was the day, then! >w< I'm very happy of the final result! What I wanted to add is that the words are from the opening theme of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, "Sisters' Noise" by fripSide and the draw is from Toaru Majutsu no Index manga by Kogino Chuya! :D

Well, even if they were approved two months ago, at the end I menaged to add Mei and Yamato's fanlistings to the collective, yay! *----* And last but not least, I decided to update Cutenews because I had problems with the old one... and since I'm not much into these kind of things, I ended up to delete all the categories... :°D I will insert them again soon~

I hope to write again pretty soon!! ^w^ Bye~

Posted on 2013 May 15 by Miriallia
in Kurosawa Yamato, Tachibana Mei, Splash
  ~ Uuupdating~
Hi! ^o^
Happy New Year (?)! I was very busy in the last months, but I menaged to br free again and I'm here to update my beloved collective~ I already said a lot of time ago that I'm going to make a new splash, right? Please, stay tuned, it will come sooner or later. Aaaanyway, I was approved for a lot of new fanlistings both for characters and relationships, plus one for games! *--* Soooo~ Shizuku, Himiko & Sakamoto, Ringo & Shouma, Itsuwa, Saki-chan, Maria-chan, Mio, Ren and Araragi-kun! Well, that's all!! See you soon - I hope with the new splash! XD
Posted on 2013 Mar 05 by Miriallia
in , , , , , , , ,
  ~ Girls~ Girls~ Girls~
Hello! :D
It was a long time~ In these period I was kinda busy and I cannot update the collective. Today I decided I had to do it, and I hope to menage to do a new splash in the "near future"! ^o^ As you could see from the updates of TAFL and TFL networks, I finished some fanlistings, and I realized they're all dedicated to girls! *__* Two of them are adoptions, and I'm really grateful to Shell (for Ayu) and Raine (for Menma) who let me adopt them! *--* Thanks again! >wJuliet and then Victorique too~! *__* And last but not least, Hakaze from Zetsuen no Tempest, a series that I adore and that I really hope will continue to be scanlated... ;~; For TFL, I got Mashiron, that is the latest fanlisting I've made! *--* Well, see you soon~
Posted on 2012 Nov 13 by Miriallia
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  ~ You already know~
Hello there! ^o^
And I'm here with this new update~ I added Akashi and Felicita''s fanlistings! ^o^ And last but not least... I'm sooo happy that even if there's no finished form at TAFL or I still haven't published it in my collective or anywhere, some of you already talk about Kobato-chan's fanlisting in Plurk! ^.^ Thanks for being this interested!! If you have any feedback, please, drop me an email, I'd like to know about that! XD
Posted on 2012 Sep 01 by Miriallia
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