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  WONDERLAND - Miriallia's Fanlisting Collective <3



If you want to apply, send me an e-mail to diana[@]marheavenj[.]net. Rules are simple:

  • As subject : Adoption - name of the subject you want to ask
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail
  • Your collective (if you don't have one, send me URL examples of your works)
  • Reasons why you'd like to be the new owner and why you like this subject {WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, I DON'T MIND ESSAYS}
  • Be a real fan!! I'm not interested in fanlistings collectors
  • Credit me as previuos owner
  • If you want to adopt out the fanlisting, contact me, I could want it back
  • Keep all the codes and related affiliates


None at the moment.

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