You reached Hidden Desire, the fanlisting dedicated to Milinda Brantini, one of the main characters of the series Heavy Object.

    Milinda was the reason why I started to read this light novel and then go crazy for everything related to it! She's usually a quiet person that is just involved in things that are about war and Objects. From the moment in which she will understand that her life is important for mere people (she's an élite pilot), she will start to change and to fall in love with the person that saved her from a sure death two times! ❤ She will know many other feelings, she doesn't even thought she could feel. She's really adorable, and I adore her way to act when she's so jealous! *--*❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan! *--*


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  April 21, 2012: The fanlisting is up! *--*❤  
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