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Lei is Aram's caretaker. He is a conscientious civil servant and attentive to Aram. However, he has no respect for Airi, and is troubled about Aram's fondness for her. He's about nineteen years old. He is also in love with Queen Veedua, as revealed in volume 4. His sister Nei is identical to him. He had to impersonate Airi while she was learning magic in Astale. Everyone in school was fooled except for Nakaoji. Lei has another form, which resembles a phoenix.

Lei is a very strange character and we can't understand his thoughts. Simply, he's totally devoted to the queen and he operates only for her, even if this means to go against Aram, the person that he serves.
He's very complicated... but I think that his strong and cold personality is the most impressive side of his character, he isn't good or evil, just himself, that always follows his own sense of justice.


Part of these informations are from Wikipedia.


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