Name: Lavi
Real Name: ?
Birthday: August 10
Age: 19
Height: 179 cm
Blood Type: 0
Nationality: Mixed Race
Relatives: Bookman
Likes: Yakiniku, sleeping, annoying Kanda Yuu
Dislikes: Wasabi
Interests: Reading, Teasing Kanda and Allen, Taking a nap during a day
Seiyuu: Suzumura Kenichi, Hanae Natsuki (D.Gray-man Hallow)


Lavi is a marvelous character. I love him and I feel so grateful to have the chance to run this site just for him. I am so happy that the series is continuing its serialization and I hope we'll menage to know the truth about Lavi's past and identity soon!

The title of this site is a word play, because Lavi is a Book-man (the person responsible for writing to write the world history) and he apparently joined the Black Oder in order to do his job. He is a great fighter and he is very friendly. He loves teasing Allen and annoying Kanda, but he also love them with all his heart. He has strong feelings towards Lenalee too, and he tries to take care of his comrades with all himself.
Lavi is the kind of person that never talk about his real self. We can't know his real neame though, only a few alias (even if, we have to say, he has a lot of them). But even is his real identity is not known yet, he truly is a person full of good feelings for the person he loves. And for his comrades.
He can be judged to be too carefree and lazy sometimes, but a lot of sides of his personality are voluntarily hidden by him.

That's why I called this side like that. I think this word play is the best thing I could use to describe the kind of person that Lavi is~

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