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    You reached Ray of Sunshine, the fanlisting dedicated to Hasegawa Kobato, one of the characters of the series Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukunai.

    Kobato is the character that I like the most of this series! *--* She's really adorable in everything she does, and I usually laugh and smile when she pretends to be someone she isn't... and she's very confident when she does it!❤ She's not good at maths (we can stand together XD) and she's very attached to her brother, up to the point that she becomes so jealous to join the club of a high school, when she just attends middle school. Her jealousy is justified, anyway! Kodaka sometimes seems so stupid that I'm not surprised that she thinks he keeps a lot more for the club instead of her... >_>❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan! *--*


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December 30, 2012: Now Kobato-chan's fanlisting is part of TFL too!! ^o^/
August 27, 2012:
The fanlisting is up! ❤

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