Name: Kaoru
Surname: Hakaze
Age: 17
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Birthday: November 3rd
Blood Type: B
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: I'd like to get it right, maybe golden or silver
Handedness: Right-handed
Marine Bio Club
Favorite Color: Coral Pink
Favorite Food:
Pancakes with Cream
He likes:
Sound of Waves
He dislikes: Naggy people
Family: Father, Older brother, Older sister
Hobby: Dating and Marine sports
Speciality: Discerning the scient of girls
Favorite Place:
Sea, the roof of the school




Kaoru is a third year student of Yumenosaki Academy and a member of the unit UNDEAD.
He's known for being a ladie's man and spending his whole time with girls. He usually skips practise to date girls and he says he likes being cuddled, but he'll never touch someone without any consent. Also, he doesn't care to date a only girl, he doesn't really want to love someone, just to spend his time being loved as an onii-chan.
To speak the truth, he tries many times to treat Anzu as all the other girls, but he always fails doing it. Anyway, the more we know it and the more his kind and gentle personality comes up. I never saw an angry Kaoru, but many times I saw a sad one. And it's not because of girls, but because of his family.

His continue staying away from home is due to the fact that he has a bad relation with his father and his brother, so he hates staying at home. They tries to constrict him to appear like a diligent and perfect student that he isn't. Also, he feels alone for the loss of his mother and he has a hole in his heart that he tries to fill dating girls, but without searching for a real relation. Because... it's obvious, he's afraid to truly love someone and losing that person like he did with his mom. He reveals to Anzu that many times he tried to find a mother in other girls, but he always found just ones that made him feel pathetic.

So we have the usual, happy and smiling Kaoru that is always outward and that can do everything but having a decent relation with a person. And it's not just with a girl. He can't totally trust males too. But he also has schoolmates and comrades that love him from the bottom of the heart, and bit a bit he puts his faith in them too, slowly separating his real self from the fake one he had to create to not love and to not suffer.
As result of this... he spent superficially three years as a playboy and now he regrets everything. Only in the last period he broke up with every girls and really enjoyed the idol activities of the unit. Practicing, having someone to share his real self with.
Dear God, I spent almost all the end of the Festival of Recollecting having a lump in the throat because of his discussion with Anzu. He said "goodbye" with the sweetest, sincere, SAD smile I've ever seen. That Kaoru was not the one I met at the begin of this adventure, he was the true one hidden behind his mask of happiness and smiles. How many times I thouth "Are you a bitch or what?"? but I always knew there was something strange in him. Because he's deeper than he wants to appear. And I'm so happy and moved about how beautifully his relation with Rei grew up, at the point that even that Rei that considered him like a child and in a distant manner, now calls him Partner.
Because Kaoru opened his heart to him, and he has the courage to say the truth about his dream to his family too, so now he's free to live his life as he pleases. He decided that he wants to become an idol, and Rei joined his dream, making it as his too. They want to be the best of the best waiting for the graduation of Koga and Adonis, so UNDEAD will always be together.

I cried and cried so much touching with my hands and tears how deep and adorable the relation between these two is now. I want to hug them, both of them.
And I want to thank Kanata for always being sincere with Kaoru. Because he always been a great friend and even if Kaoru never opened his heart to him, Kanata knew he had a mask, and he always tried to cheer up Kaoru. He poked his head and he reached Kaoru on the roof of the school anytimes he felt alone. because Kanata knows how Kaoru really is. And it's thanks to him and to Kanzaki too if now Kaoru opened his heart more and more, even to them. Especially to Kanata, that is the person with he wants to spend his free time with~
And I want to thanks Nazuna too. And Chiaki. Because everyone who show him love and trust now can see the real smile of that adorable guy that I love so much.

I forgot to mention that after disbanding UNDEAD, he joined his last performance as Dead Man's together with Rei, Keito and Kiryu, and that performance was the begin of his future with Rei. Also the promise with him and the real goodbye to Anzu and to the school.

With the time leap we found a lot of development for Kaoru, and we got to know more about how sad he was when his older sister had to marry a person she didn't even known because she was the daughter of the rich and important Hakaze family. That time Kaoru cried so much that he the day next everyone noticed that his eyes were red. And even Shu tried to help him, hidding his kindness behind Mademoiselle's words.

I love Kaoru, I love Kaoru so much. I want him to be happy and I hope we'll get an event somewhere in the future where Rei and him are able to be their real self. Happy and full of energy and will to overcome their past and their limits.

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