Name: Katsuki
Nickname: Kacchan (by Izuku)
Surname: Bakugo
Age: 15
Height: 172 cm
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Red
Quirk: Explosion
He likes: Spicy Foods, Climbing Moutains




Kacchan is a selfish and arrogant boy that spent his own life bullying the weak Izuku and fighting strong opponents since the day he found his quirk. His personality really suits him and his power, because he literally is explosive. He has no mercy for anyone and his only desire is showing the others that he's the n.1. He also wants to surpass All Might and becoming the strongest hero ever, but saying the truth, the title of "hero" does't suit him at all. Because Kacchan's way to do things and attitutes are all but made to save people, or to serve justice. He just serves his own cause and there's nothing more he needs in his life than fighting and winning. Speaking of this, in past he thought to be omnipotent, but once he entered Yuei High School, he changed his mind and his vision of the world because of the strong and unique persons he met there.

Even if he always treated Izuku like an idiot because he had no a quirk, once he got the One For All Kacchan started to find how better Izuku was getting, and more and more, at the point that destroying him became his biggest obsession. He also defeated Todoroki during the Sport Festival, but since his victory was easy and Todoroki didn't use his whole power, Kacchan felt sooo frustated because of that. So now he wants to destroy Izuku and Todorki, that at the countrary of him, have other in mind. Izuku sincerely likes Kacchan. He admires him and he wants to surpass him, that's why he always looked at him like a guide to follow, and to become alike.About Todoroki... He doesn't give a fuck of Kacchan and he spends the most of the time ignoring him, even if Kacchan is always there to say that he'll crush everyone, especially Izuku and him.

Anyway... We lack something about him and I can't wait to know the reason why Kacchan wants to be a hero and not just a super-powered man. Because he doesn't give a fuck of justice or what's right in this world. He only needs to fight and to show how powerful he is, and these feelings are like an obsession to him. We also still can't know his hero name since Kacchan just chose impossible ones, only founded on his "I'm-better-than-you" syndrome and his infinite ego.

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