Hello! Welcome to "Insanity", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Nanamine Toru , the most insane and the first, real antagonist from the series Bakuman, created and illustrated by the great Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi!

Nanamine is a boy that starts to draw manga as fan of Ashirogi Muto, and his career begins in the moment when he finds an innovative way to create a story. He's not a canonic mangaka and he refuses to follow the rules and Kosugi's suggestions. He treats his editor as a normal reader and he's more interested in which a big amount of persons think about his manga, than the opinion of his employer.

He's a character that has been introduced as a good one, and his double-face is one of his best ways to convince the others to think that he's a good guy and he always acts with pure intentions.
Truly, Nanamine's personality is all but that. He's a manipulating person that uses the others for his own interests and profits, and he always claims that his staff and the persons around him have to do whatever he desires at that moment.

His first manga is called "Classroom of Truth" and even if he haven't won the Future Golden Cup of Shounen Jump, he became famous publishing it on the web, obviously, lying about his evil intentions to run down Jump's editors and their choises.

Saiko and Shujin have defeated him heavily and he told them to have learnt the lesson and that he'll come back with a new method to get his revenge... but, again, his words don't mean that he decided to be honest. He turns back with his usual method to ask the readers' opinions, founding a real, big association about it!
How mad is this guy? I love him~

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