You reached Beyond Love, the fanlisting dedicated to Amane Misa, one of the main charaters of the series Death Note.

    I still can't believe that the lucky person who's writing here is me! >_< Finding out that I was approved for this fanlisting, was as if I were in a dream, I needed someone to wake me up! Misa is from a lot of years a character that I love with all my heart, and it is a honour for me to be the new owner of this fanlisting! Thanks a lot, Mitzrael! *--*❤

    If you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join! *-*




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July 25, 2011: Everything else is up! :D
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The fanlisting is ready~


Amane Misa & Yagami Light Hirano Aya



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