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Hi! Welcome to "Even Angels Have a Black Wing", a shrine and the TAFL approved fanlisting for Ichijou Takuma , one amazing character from the mysterious manga and series Vampire Knight, created and illustrated by the great Matsuri Hino!

Ichijou is absolutely one of the most complicated and mysterious characters of Vampire Knight. His personality seems cheerful and bright, because he's gentle and kind not only with girls but with all. He always has a good word for who is in difficult and he does his best in order to be useful to the others (especially Kaname).
But he has a dark side and we can't know what he's thinking. Behind his gentle smile there is a strong fighter that uses his katana with brilliance and ability.
Ichijou was educated by his grand-father, an arrogant and antisocial old man that (luckily) is his antithesis. Even if Asato commanded him to verify Kaname's actions, Ichijou really doesn't care about his words and follows Kaname as his best friend, with sincerity and loyalty.

His development is very interesting, he's a kind guy but he can be cruel and serious at the right moment. I think that we need to know many aspects of his past and childhood that let him become the character we know. And this is the reason why I made two graphics and chose "Even Angels Have a Black Wing" as title of his fanlisting.

Ichijou is one of the most fantastic characters I know and I'm crazy of happyness to own his fanlisting! I've been approved in the Christmas Day, so I consider it a present from the Heaven, exactly as he is.

Please, choose a link from the right to fully access the site and if you're Ichijou's fan, feel free to join his fandom!


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