Hello! Welcome to "Hypnotic Charm", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Mine Fujiko , the crafty and beautiful heroine from the huge franchise Lupin III, created and illusrated by the awesome Monkey Punch!

Fujiko is a gambler and a thief that always follows her own way to live. She tricks men with her charm, that most of the times result as hypnotic for them.
She looks manipulating and smart because she knows well which kind of weapons use to reach her goal, but her true self is very different, and she tried to hide it because of her bad past, where she lost the person she loved. From that moment Fujiko decided that she will never suffer again like that, this is why her relation with Lupin is not clear. The two of them love each other adn share a lot of any kind of moments, but the truth is that Fujiko is too afraid to lose again someone she loves, so she tries to appear like she doesn't care at all with him.

Fujiko's true personality is kind and caring. When she loses her memory these sides are visible and she totally looks different from the brave and fool girl she usually is. But the motherly and cute Fujiko's personality is something that she will always take together with her, because it's a part of her that Fujiko needs to never lose her real self.

I love this woman so much, She doesn't need any man to be what she wants and she is really cool!

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