Birthday: March 2nd
Age: 16
Height: 159 cm
Blood type: A
Hair: blonde
Eyes: violet
She loves: studying, takes care of Nai
She hates: bugs




Tsukumo-chan is the star and a strong fighter of the Circus. She's always serious and quiet, and because of this, many people consider her like a doll. but she has strong feelings and she can smile with the persons she loves. Tsukumo is like an older sister for Nai and a very special friend for Yogi, so an excellent assistant for Hirato, that she adores because he isn't just her captain but the person who saved her life when she was a child. Tsukumo-chan's personality is very interesting and she's difficult to understand, because she hasn't many facial expressions. Seeing a smile from her is a special moment, her face is very cuuuute! I'm in love with this blonde girl since the first time I read Karneval. She appears since the first chapter and is one of the few female characters of the series, so her presence is stable in every chapter. She's an amazing acrobat that hides her identity of fighter behind her job into the Circus. Tsukumo-chan is so beautiful that men and women love her! XD But she's beautiful but not happy... she never smile and she's always serious, definitely a very quiet person that never lose control, even in difficult moments. But it doesn't mean that she doesn't take care of her comrades. She's very kind with the little Nai, learning to him maths and the other subjects as a teacher (and she's just 16, a prodigy )!
Also, Tsukumo-chan is very devoted to Hirato, that is the person that saved her in the childhood, and for this reason she's always by his side, even if sometimes she would stay with Nai, Yogi and Gareki.


Informations source: Volume 3 Character Profile
Scan of related informations by: movin

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