An arrogant and selfish being in ornate golden armor, Gilgamesh was originally an Archer in the Fourth Holy Grail War in the service of Tokiomi Tōsaka before arranging his death by his new partner Kotomine during the end game. Flashbacks show that Gilgamesh was not always selfish and sadistic, but became that way after the death of Enkidu, his only friend and acknowledged equal. In the aftermath of the Fuyuki fire, Gilgamesh gains a physical form through the Holy Grail and is driven partly mad by his contact with Angra Mainyu and spends the next ten years hiding and feeding off the energy of half dead orphans. Resurfacing during the Fifth Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh is shown to have an overt but unrequited love/lust for Saber and desires her for as long as she denies him. He is unique in that he possesses a very large number of Noble Phantasms, but only three are unique to him: Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure, a key-shaped sword that opens a portal to a mystical vault containing the Noble Phantasms. He can draw swords out individually for close combat, or fire them out of his gate like bullets. Incidentally, this method of attack made him suitable for the Archer class. He is initially known also as the Golden Archer, and he easily defeats Caster when he makes himself known to Shirō Emiya and the others in the Fate route of the visual novel. In the anime, he defeats both Caster and Kuzuki. Saber initially states that Gilgamesh defeated her as an explanation for why he is alive during the fifth Holy Grail War (Shirō also refers to him as the "eighth Servant"), but later clarifies that she and Kiritsugu Emiya had won the fourth Holy Grail War. It is later revealed during the Fate route that he was splashed with the mud of the Holy Grail back then, converting his body to one of flesh and blood and allowing him to survive without a source of prana, but also making him more destructive and impulsive. He is shown to be easily one of the strongest Servants, brushing aside Excalibur in the Fate route and anime, and ending eleven of Berserker's lives consecutively in the Unlimited Blade Works route. When consumed by Sakura in the Heaven's Feel route, Sakura commented that it felt like she was absorbing two Servants' worth of power. It is said that if he ever manages to put aside his overwhelming pride and go all-out, nobody can defeat him. Gilgamesh is a major antagonist in all three routes. In the Fate route, he is killed at the grounds of the Ryūdōji Temple by Saber after his Enuma Elish is successfully blocked by her Avalon. In the Unlimited Blade Works route, he becomes the primary antagonist after Archer's defeat, and plans to create a second Uruk by using Angra Mainyu to purge most of the world's human population, leaving only those with the strength and willpower to survive as potential citizens of his new kingdom. His arrogance leads him to be defeated by Shirō (who becomes the only person Gilgamesh is ever forced to admit is stronger than him), after which he is dragged into the dying Holy Grail just as Shirō is about to deal a fatal blow. He is then killed by a dagger fired by Archer as he is attempting to use Shirō to drag himself out of the Holy Grail, falling back into it and being dissolved. In the Heaven's Feel route, he attempts to kill Sakura but is destroyed by the Shadow in the process.


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