Hello! Welcome to "In Your Future", a fanlisting dedicated to Hasegawa Kodaka & Mikazuki Yozora, two characters from the series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (bettern known as Haganai), created & written by Hirasaka Yomi and illustrated by Buriki!

Yozora and Kodaka are my favorite characters and they share a beautiful relationship~
They know each other since childhood, when Yozora pretended to be a boy to be Kodaka's best friend. That time, they used nicknames to call each other: Yozora was Sora and Kodaka was Taka.
One day Kodaka changed city and they were separated without the change to say goodbye, so, ten years later they meet again but Kodaka don't remember well about Sora.
Yozora remembers, but she keep it for her. So him & her started their relationship from the begin, again, as Yozora and Kodaka.
They have no friends and they feel alone, so Yozora founds a club about socialization, to find friends! They're the first two members, and starting from that moment, they find sides of each other much different than the ones they thought~

Yozora and Kodaka become closer day by day, but when he remembers abput his best friend, Sora, Yozora asks him to call her just "Yozora", because now they're the children of ten years ago no more.
She says that "only friends call themselves by nicknames", and that's why now that she's in love with him, she want to call and to be called by her first name (also, she's Sora no more),

After that moment, they spend a lot of time together and day by day Kodaka finds how sweet and shy Yozora is, behind her mask of bullish. She's a person kind with who is kind with her, and she has no mercy for popular and arrogant people (even if she's popular and arrogant herself XD)~
But with the development of the story she becomes able to change herself bit a bit, trying trust Kodaka at the point of opening her heart to him, even if kust a bit.
But... since she's a tsundere, she'll never admint her feelings and her will to stay with him forever~

Aaaaaah~ I love them, I'm in totally love with them and I think they're made for each other~
Sora and Taka were the past, but Yozora and Kodaka are the present and (I strongly hope) the future~

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