Hello! Welcome to "Mission: Start!", the TFL and the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Mikazuki Yozora , one of the heroines from the series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (bettern known as Haganai), created & written by Hirasaka Yomi and illustrated by Buriki!

Yozora is absolutely my favorite character!!
She's awesome, the kind of person that does all she can to reach a goal, whataver it takes.
Even if she has guts and usually she bulls people to obtain what she wants, the herself she shows to the others is different than the girl she really is. Yozora is shy and proud, she's afraid to be judged from people and she prefers to hate them from the first moment instead of getting hurted.s
Her friendship with Kodaka is the right example, because when they're children and she was called Sora by him, she prefered escaping from him instead of revealing to her best friend that she's not a boy but a girl.

Also, she can be violent and lunatic when she's obsessed with something, and usually she tries to let the others do what she doesn't want to do herself.
At the begin she adfirmed that she didn't need friends, but she had (and has) an immaginary one, that's called Tomo-chan.
But when Yozora meets Kodaka and she realizes that he's her best childhool-friend Taka, she decides to found a club for the socialization, that she calls Neighbor's Club.

Her goal was to make a club for him and her, but day by day many students join it, and she feels like she couldn't accept the situation. Looking at the situation: Yozora was very kind, sweet and happy when she was speaking with Tomo-chan, but she's the totally opposite with all the others, Kodaka included.
I really wish her to find in Sena (her favorite victim and also her rival in love) the best, real friend in the world~
Obviously, I hope she'll end up with Kodaka as his girlfriend, they're a perfect match~

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