Five teenage girls – Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin – are chosen to become the new Guardians of Kandrakar, a group of special magical warriors who keep peace in the universe and do the Oracle's bidding. As Will was the new girl, the other thought it wasn't fair that she was the Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar. The others, however, find that balancing this honorable position along with keeping up with their lives on Earth is a difficult task. At first, their mission was to just close the Twelve Portals between Metamoor and Heatherfield. But when they found out that Elyon is involved, as she has betrayed them when Cedric revealed that her true alien heritage, they must find a way to defeat her and bring her back home. But there is a rebellion taking place, headed by Caleb, that is fighting against the tyranny of a cruel prince and put Elyon on the throne as she is the legitimate ruler. Elyon later saw what her true mission was and stopped attacking the Guardians and saw them as her friends once again. W.I.T.C.H. then must defeat the evil Prince Phobos who rules over Meridian, the capital of Metamoor. He plans to absorb Elyon's untapped powers by making her wear a cursed Crown of Light during her coronation as queen since he had sucked Metamoor dry of its magic. After he obtained her powers, he plans to tear down the Veil and move on to the next world and repeat this process until he is ruler of the universe and able to defeat the Oracle. However, the Guardians were able to thwart his plan by replacing Elyon with a fake double. During the insuring battle, Caleb fell at Phobos's curse and was transformed into a flower, his original state. While the rebels managed to defeat Phobos's army, the Guardians must face a monstrous form that is Cedric, and Elyon must duel her brother in a magical fight for the throne. In the end, the W.I.T.C.H. girls were able to help Elyon defeat her brother and restore peace to Meridian, with Elyon becoming the Light of Meridian and assuming her place as Queen. The Oracle brought down the Veil over Metamoor following the Guardians' victorious mission, releasing it into the light, with Phobos and Cedric being held prisoners in the Tower of Mist.


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