Hello! Welcome to "Bokutachi no Tsubasa de", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Zero Two and Hiro, the protagonists from the series Darling in the FRANXX, created by Studio TRIGGER and A-1 Picture!

Zero Two and Hiro are my favorite characters, and I think that they are the meaning of love. Knowing them opened me a new world about love. I started to root for them and I spent almost all the episodes of the series crying for them, especially for Zero Two. They are really beautiful together and I dream so much thinking at their love and how deep it is. At the point that they are inside of each other. At the point that they are one because they have always been like birds with an only wing, but together they are one, and they can fly.

I love them with all my heart and I feel sad about the ending of the series. It is positive in some way but it is not the one I wanted. So I decided to make a montages with some pictures and make their marriage for the graphic of the fanlisting dedicated to their relationship.

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