Age: 11-13
Birthday: September 24
Horoscope: Libra
Height: 152 cm
Blood type:
Guardian Chara: Ran, Miki, Su, Dia

    Amu Hinamori, the series protagonist, is a student of Seiyo Elementary. Amu's classmates see her as a "Cool and Spicy" girl, but Amu is actually extremely shy and timid. Part of the reason for this misunderstanding is the trendy punk clothing her mother buys for her as well as the way in which she expresses her shyness and avoids doing new things. However, when Amu wishes for the courage to be reborn as her "would-be self", three colorful eggs appear the next morning, which later give birth to Amu's three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su.

    During Character Change and Character Transformation her hair clip changes (Ran→Heart, Miki→Spade, Su→Clover, Dia→Diamond) The characters Amu becomes are good at certain activities like Amulet Heart who is athletic, Amulet Spade who is artistic, Amulet Clover who is a skilled house-worker or maid, and Amulet Diamond who is a musician/singer.

    Amu has a crush on Tadase Hotori, the King's Chair of Seiyo Elementary Guardians. However, when she confessed her feelings during her first Character Change with Ran in front of the entire school, Tadase refused her. Amu later learns that Tadase is not good at receiving confessions and would Character Change with Kiseki, who would refuse the confession. At first, Amu rejects the offer to join the Guardians, using the excuse that she does not want to wear the royal cape. But the Guardians announce her as a member anyways, under a special position, Joker's Chair. On joining the Guardians, she receives her very own royal cape to which Amu says, "Anything but that!" and the "Humpty Lock", a locket with a four leaf clover decoration. Nadeshiko states that the very first king left it and said, "Entrust this to the joker whom comes with three Guardian Eggs." Also, it was explained to her that the Joker's duty is to hunt X eggs as she is the only one with the power to purify them.

    It is seen that Amu has a crush on Ikuto as whenever he touches her, she blushes, which she does not realizes at first, but began to be aware of. She also was shocked to see that Utau kissed Ikuto, and presumably became jealous. In volume 5, Amu goes on a date with Tadase, which shows a little bit more development of their relationship. She also was confronted by Ikuto, on her date, resulting to a confession from Ikuto saying the actual reason he bothers her is because he is interested in her. In episode 29 Utau tells Amu that Ikuto likes Amu. And in chapter 28, Amu asks him if he has someone he loves and he answers, "It's you". She takes it as a joke but when Utau tells her that he was not lying, she realizes that Ikuto was being honest.

    She has a "love confusion" as she thinks about 4 guys. This is shown when she catches the bride's bouquet in episode 35 and she thinks of herself as a bride. Then suddenly, Tadase appears and holds her hand, then Ikuto holds the one with the bouquet, and Kukai and Kairi give her more bouquets.

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