Despite being a natural blond, Aiolia dyes his hair red to distance himself from his brother, whom most of Sanctuary believes to be a traitor. However, it is made evident that even though he resents his brother and suffers immensely because of him, he still loves him very much. This conflict is behind the grudge he holds against the rest of the Gold Saints and it often drives him to fight them and challenge the Pope's commands. Aiolia holds his loved ones close to his heart, particularly his servants Lithos Crysallis and Galan, whom he considers to be family. As taught by John Black, he proudly fights, not for himself, but to protect everyone and everything he holds dear.

    His fierce personality, Cosmo and battle skills attract the attention of Pontos, who acknowledges him as a potential menace to his plans, and Hyperion, whom he encounters during the Titan's first invasion of Sanctuary. They refer to the Leo Saint as the "man of the Evil Omen" and Kronos prophesies that he will be the one to release him from Zeus's seal.

    At one point, Aiolia is assigned to protect Virgo Shaka while the Virgo Saint enters a deep meditation to banish the evil monsters that the Titans' presence on Earth had called forth. He then faces Koios for the first time. Overwhelmed by the Titan's power, the memory of his brother offers Aiolia the encouragement and strength he needed to unleash the "Photon Burst", an attack Aiolos had once advised him to never use. With it, he defeats Koios and would have destroyed him if not for Hyperion's intervention. Aiolia dedicates the technique to his brother, saying that he created it to protect him.

    Aiolia shows his mettle again while fighting Kronos, the Titan King, the second time the Titans invade Sanctuary. He professes his belief that humanity is not worthless and that the Titans have no right to interfere with their lives. Severely wounded, he strikes Kronos with his "Photon Burst". The Titanesses, however, keep the attack from annihilating their King and Kronos is freed. Kronos comes out of the fight with no idea of who he is and the other Titans, believing this is due to Aiolia's attack, lay down a plan to lure the Saint into the Time Labyrinth to restore their King's memory. After Dimension Lapetos kidnaps Lithos, Aiolia does not hesitate to follow him into the Titans' domain, where he battles not just Iapetos and Themis a second time, but also Pontos, Koios (who entrusts him the god-slaying power "Keraunos"), Hyperion and a restored Kronos.

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